Water and Light

Hi everyone, 

As promised yesterday in my blog post about underwater photography, here is a selection of photos from my first underwater shooting two days ago! I wanted to show you different things here - finer details as well as wider angle photos. 

The above ones are all from the second set we shot underwater! Then we went down a third time and tried different camera settings...

I also asked Anne to take photos of me with my camera in the case but the camera did not seem to like her so much so unfortunately only two photos worked out. 

Have I mentioned that I love being in the water so much? I must have mermaid genes...

So to save the best thing for last...these two are my favourite ones so far! 

"You call me out upon the waters"

I hope you like them! I have two more series from this day that I will post soon!


P.S. If you want to see a better version of "You call me out upon the waters", go here