52 weeks

52 weeks - Let's get creative

Hi everyone, 

As some of you know, I recently started a 52 weeks self portrait project. This particular project (there are many different ones) is set up by fellow photographers Nathalie Donado and Ella Ruth. They have set a theme for each week of the year and you then have to come up with an idea of your own of what the theme inspires you to do. 

At the moment we are in week 5 (although I have not yet taken my week 5 image since I only just posted my image for week 4). The themes for the past weeks were:

1/52 - Camera

2/52 - Red

3/52 - Books

4/52 - Flowers

The next theme will be Hats. I already have sketched several ideas I have for this particular theme but yet have to find the time to take it. And let's be honest, trying to convince yourself to go outside in these freezing temperatures to take a photo takes more of an effort than in summer. 

If you want to follow the works of the other photographers who are also doing this project, head over to 

Tumblr or Flickr

The image included in this post is my interpretation of the first theme - Camera. I will post the other three images I already took and posted on Flickr/Facebook for you to see soon. 

Have a lovely day!


If you want to see this photo on Flickr, go here